Not Wordy Module 3

I changed my project plan largely in module 3, trying to make the idea as simple and as interesting as possible. The Lab experience helps me a lot, and I just find this idea from a weblink has a similar title.

where are you going to do the interview?

Space! Where to silent, where to fill

Probably you should try to have the story first


  • Two truth and a lie

o   Ask 20 people to speak two truth and a lie

o   Or ask 10 people to tell on true story and one faked

o   If I’m going to limit topic/theme?

  • If: relationship/self feeling expression/

o   If they don’t want their face to be seen, they can use A4 paper write their first name covering face

  • Why this topic:

o   You can never know everything about someone. But it is still worth to know people, to know their stories. Real ones or even faked ones. Because even faked ones help us to know more about a person.

  • Draft:

o   A lot of times, walking by myself in this half familiar, half strange town, I remember Monkey and our conversations about people.

o   It has been a long time, but I still remember that hot and humid summer night when she and I strolled around our undergrad university and questioning the relationship between one and another. I was so sure that there is no way to know everything about someone: truth and details of their life, their emotions and secrets.

o   I still believe it.

o   Everyone is alone in this incredibly large world.

o   No expectations, no effective communications, we avoid, hide, and deceive. To protect the fragile truth, to preserve our real selves.

Directions changes a little bit when I’m doing it.

I have instructions to people, asking them to recall three influential and important things happened in their life, talk about their thoughts toward that. The two truths should be something that can make others know you better; the one lie should be something you wanted to lie about, but never did; or come up with a third truth and reverse it.









Zhao Xing


Checkout window boy

The horrible wordy Module 2 plan.

Before it officially start, I have to say that the final work is very very different from what I’ve been expected. It is very distracting to film a friend, and also it is hard to do the editing since we used Chinese all the time. The original plan for my module three is another project of my friend on a model building design, However, I abandoned that plan after finishing module 2. 



Language—is Chinese with English subtitle acceptable?


[drafts, sketches, rehearsal, improvisation, discovery, imperfection, failure!!]feb 27 :: pre-production writing/planning/brainstorming due(classroom discussion + check-in)

mar 06 :: production shooting well underway and possible done (classroom discussion + check-in)

mar 13 :: post-production shooting well underway and possible done (screen rough drafts in class)
 (Incomplete version)

mar 20 :: ALL MODULE 02 PROJECTS DUE :: presentation/distribution: view/discuss final drafts(show-n-tell)

apr 03 :: presentation (continues) + beginning of module 03!




Intersect of formal and personal

General plan is enough

See where it will end

As much as footage I can


Tools: two cameras- one tripod- one zoom corder, lights



  • Topic:

o   The first thing bumped into my mind is Illinois Institute of Technology and its famous S.R Crown Hall. (Ok, I never heard about it before I went to visit my friend study architecture there.) His explanation about that building brings out my curiosity of architecture and architect.

o   This friend is one of my primary school friend, and we didn’t see each other for 6 years. He is now studying in IIT, major in architecture. I’m interested about how those great architectures built, but more interested in how my friend, as a first year architecture grad student working on his project.

o   I want to see how an future architect begins his career in school and start his early designing in one of the most greatest buildings in modern architecture history. J

  • Charactures:

o   My Friend Yizhou, He.

o   Probably other people in his design group

o   Myself during the interview session

o   Someone mysterious that I’m not sure if he is going to be in the video or not (It depends on the conversation’s quality during shooting process.)

  • Location

o   Definitely be in their classroom:S.R Crown Hall

o   Other architectures designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

  • Residence

ú  860-880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments

ú  Promontory Apartments

  • Others

ú  330 North Wabash (IBM plaza)

ú  Kluczynski Federal Building

ú  Everett McKinley Dirksen United States


  • B-Roll

o   Interview

  • Communication and understanding different projects

ú  Ideas: inspiration, development

ú  Detailed schedules/ stages and planned process

  • Other questions:
  • Videos

o   Working environment

o   Process of Graph design in computer

o   Any paper designs/ drafts drawing

o   Any handcraft process (making the cube?)

o   Research process: reading, material purchase

  • Photos/pictures

o   Graph design process copies

o   Paper/draft

o   Real models

  • Take away

o   My message to the audience

o   My point of view

o   My goal:

  • Very simple, I want every audience know a little more about the real work of architecture major student. How they works, coming up with an idea.
  • The interview should permeate some idea about how to related to these creative projects to our own works: writing, shooting video, art…any possible creative work we may need to work on.
  • The questions is: is there any architecture creation method/ mold/ process/ system that could be used in any creative work domain?



  • Authorship

o   A combination method

  • Interview: me and my friend would appear in the video at the same time
  • Would have only the landscape in city building shots
  • Would have only my friend when he works on his project
  • I’m considering using my friend’s working background music as the audio theme. But didn’t ask him yet.
  • Content

o   Background Information: no need, because I know nothing about that too.

o   To fit the whole project in the video, the interview will include specific background knowledge and procedure about his project. And questions would including:

  • Assignment requirement
  • Inspiration of the original idea
  • Plan as much details as possible
  • Method or the whole picture of the project as a conclusion
  • Shots:

o   Tips:

  • Jump cut of every single thing
  • People’s voice but image is STH
  • Far shot + close shot (jump cut)
  • Pan/horizontal/vertigo
  • Take video as camera: long shot (photos like shot slows down the pace of whole video)
  • Character + environment (small or big)
  • Ask character to do something (stand up, leaving….)
  • Close up to character emphasis a lot on individual story
  • On the way: 前车窗+侧车窗
  • The background should depend on what do you want to emphasis (crowded? STH? environment? what kind of feeling you want the audience to have?)
  • Character’s focus: camera: telling the audience/introduction/ other direction: distance, focus on what he looks at
  • How to fade in and fade out (beginning and ending)
  • everything in YOUR shots has to be connected to the character and his project or your “argument”
  • maybe ask H to hold the camera while introduce his project/I will hold an other one or tripod another one (He may have different view point from mine when examining his own work)

o   CAN YOU ASK YOURSELF : what is the metaphor I’m experiencing?

o   Procedure

  • Needs:

ú  Classroom and H’s working environment

ú  An interview before shooting specific things

ú  Specific things should explain and enlarge our understanding for the interview information

ú  Close up to every detail during the design (stable images are needed) (jump cut / )


  • Wants:

ú  Some buildings of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Chicago (montage set the big background of architecture theme) The angles’ of shooting + voice over

ú  If approachable, other people’s design for the same course

ú  Lunch time would be four people: may have a complicated conversation about architecture: H, his girl friend, me and Mr.R





  • Possible topic:

o   Time

o   Relationship

o   Personal and formal interaction

o   Different Language and expression

o   Language and images/designs/graphs