The City




We talk and talk and talk,
spitting the funniest words on the dirties place.
No decency or concerns,
without pretending or performing;
no audience or opponent,
we own the absolute freedom in this moment.
It is so hot outside like the smile in your eyes,

I have to sing about eschatology, fantasizing to end all these and start over.

We walk and walk and walk,
arguing the most dangerous judgement about this world.
No fear or evasion,
without rebel or condescending;
no enemy or companion,
we enjoy the glorious days with our strongest faith.
It is cool between our conversations,

You need to stop this, look forward and start something new.

The darkest corner on the street,
filthiest people lead to top vogue for idealization.
We throw our worst rages in the city, holding the deepest love within.
Never mind the doomsday is coming, with everyone’s unconscious pray for redeem.