The longest piece

I used to like those who have lips like guns tongues like swords, spiting lotus in their words.

More and more I turned to those with slow mouths and stiffened tongues, those who are not good at express.

For time brought so many moments that when I was left there, standing in the debris, you reached out with your warmest hands.

I took them, without any sound. The world fell silent and filled with codes.

I saw fragments of your universe, in the vacuum, among those fragments; I saw your world slightly opened up like your arms.

I’d go closer to it step in and bury myself. No need for efforts on drafting or crafting or minding since I have zero confidence to decipher the longest piece.

Science Fiction

That it was Halloween again, and I wasn’t alone.
That we were at Singapore for no reason.
That their horror theme park decorated up for the season, pumpkin carriages, vampires, witches, and ghosts mingle and twist into a huge collage.
That you refuse to talk to me, and I intentionally and awkwardly kept a distance.
I complained about the roller coasters said they ain’t tall enough nor risky enough.

I know, I know the malls already taken everything themed out.

We took the water ride, clambering upward.
Spider web scattered around, dripping down, dancing with the autumn chill breeze. There was a show going on at the climax, ghost king floating in the air and spiders hanging around. The silk curtain left a narrow entrance, and the silver hairs brushed across our faces. You still didn’t talk to me.

On the top, I saw your face, pale and serious, with no trace of excitement or thrill. I even didn’t try to reach out. It went to different directions only but it was supposed to be. Then the endless drop, fast first, and faster and faster. Shamrock and zaffre colored beams cutting through our deepest fear. Everything would be fine, in the end, when the endless ends.

I felt the water before seeing it. I thought we’d drown, but I could breath. You sat still too. But we are soaked to the inside, like we’ve been standing in the shower forever. The water roared, so loud that it deafened me. I lost my sight too, so I lost you. There was fire swiping in the water, burning orange and red and purple flames that occupying my view.

When we got out of hell, we were magically dried. I saw your smile, like it used to be. Those in academia are all ASSES. The first thing you said to me silent me further. I struggled to figure out what to snap back, but you walked away. I saw you standing in front of a round willow tree. The leaves were soft like feather, and light like cloud. The whole tree was a perfect round shape like someone drew with a compass. I stood there, snapped a picture. The round fluffy willow tree and silhouette of your back melt together,  like a watercolor new and fresh. On my cellphone album the latest picture.

I opened my eyes, realizing it was all a dream. I unlocked my phone, opened the album. 

That the picture was there, the willow tree and the outline of your back, the silent breeze, and your invisible smile.

Yes I know, I’m getting mad at everything in this world cuz its been so long since you showed me the best of it.