The meaning of life

C.J 30 yrs
“Maybe for fun. Sadness is fun, happiness is fun, the most horrible thing is getting bored.”

E.H 30 yrs
“There is no inherent meaning, you have to bring meaning to it.”

G.Y 29 yrs
“Eating, drinking, having fun, be happy.”

H.S 54 yrs
“Make yourself happy; make others happy.”

J.H 28 yrs
“The meaning (of life) is everything you’ve been through.”

J.L 28 yrs
“About this…I don’t know.”

J.S 28 yrs
“Hum, I don’t know. I think people all have different needs in different stages of their lives. In general, I think the meaning of life should be to fulfill your individual value, and to provide yourself a relative satisfying life through the practice of your value.”

L.S 22 yrs
“The meaning of life is to find yourself. Throughout my whole life time, when others drifted wherever life may take them to, I hope I could have my own opinion, understand my own bottomline, and tell right and wrong. The meaning of life varies to each individual, it is all good as long as you don’t let down yourself.”

L.Z 29 yrs
“To pursue the power of keep pursueing.”

P.L 28 yrs
“Keep learning, keep sharing. To experience, to feel.”

Q.F 28 yrs
“Maybe it is about keep searching the meaning in different life stages, but (I) never found out the answer.”

R.Z 28 yrs
“Live along, until there is no motivation to support you. What’s the motives…The motives should be both parents are well, two or three close friends are around.”

S.Y 30 yrs
“I’ve been thinking about this question for countless times, then I think maybe the answer is to experience. We come to this world to feel love hate obsession anger and all other feelings existed. It should be good as long as you live a life you like. The key to answer this question is not to try to search for a final answer. Compared to thinking about WHY, thinking about HOW is a better answer. for instance, when I see a pretty flower, I love this world a bit more.”

T.T 33 yrs
“For me, I think there is value in learning, understanding, and helping people.”

V.K 32 yrs
“Oh my gosh! What a huge question! I wish I knew. I guess my immediate and short answer would be happiness and love. Finding/creating/learning how to do both those things seems to me like what it’s all about.”

X.L 22 yrs
“Just live the life. Work hard to get enough money for living the life without worrying about I have to do something.”

X.W 27 yrs
“I’ve been thinking about this too. Several days ago, a PhD from Bristol asked me the same question. I think for me, the meaning of life is to keep discovering all possibilities without forgetting where you come from. Not forget where you come from includes: love your familes, love your friends, know how to enjoy your life. Keep discovering all possibilities means to keep challenging myself. After all I’m just a normal person, this huge philosophy queston is so hard to answer.”

X.Z 32 yrs
“Try hard to improve your spiritual world when you are still alive.”

Y.Z 30 yrs
“The meaning of life is to enjoy life, or say to feel all aspect of the world. It’s good as long as you are happy.”

Y.L 29 yrs
“The last person asked me the same question is a former Christian coworker of mine. I think the meaning of life is different for everyone. Some want to do ultra good in their career; some want to pursue a happy family life; (this) could be big (general) or small (specific). In general, I think the meaning of life is to practice your own belief, and to realize your goal in the end. When you are old and take a retrospect of life, if your heart has no regret, this could be defined as ‘fulfilled the meaning of life’. ”

Y.X 28 yrs
“To eat.”


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