The first time I was here, I even didn’t make it here.

The second time I was here, I enjoyed a wonderful Jazz show with someone I really like.

The third time I was here, I made the most important decision of this year.

Maybe consistency is not something you could seek and get, but something forms its own shape while you are traveling your own path.




I love it when give it a chance, you always generously reveal more about yourself. That’s how I get closer to you over decades, and still fall in love with you all over again.


I love it when I walk in the middle of your heart, I see what life looks like, without faking or pretending, without the kind of beauty too delicately designed, without writing too much out when I could still see much within.

New story in old narrative 

I explore the city, all over again, with my old friends, for my new friend, with old stories merging from behind, and new ones align ahead. This is when I learn that love is something relative, like time, but nothing else.  

E asked me to recommend a love story taking place in Beijing. “You know, like the Norwegian Wood happens in Tokyo.” 

I thought hard, I really did, only came about nothing. 

But here it is, when scrolling down pictures I took today, I found the love story you asked for.